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The band was formed in 2010 by Vic(Guitars).Stas(Drums) and Manolo(Vox) soon joined the band and few months later Leo(Bass) came to complete the line up.
From the beginning,common purpose of the band was to combine our favorite taste of violent music with groovy beats n' tempos and develop our style.
So far we have recorded "Bomb Da System" EP (December 2011) in MIH studios (Made In Hell),which gained pretty good attention and reviews from friends and all the people that support us!
Later on,in 2012,there were some line up changes but soon John(Vox) and George(Bass) joined the family.
Never-Trust released their first full length album under the name "Bras De Fer" (April 2014), recorded in summer 2013 at M.I Studios.
In 2016,Manolo takes charge of the drummer's post and Never-Trust are back with their 3rd release 'Wrong Place Of Birth'EP recorded in summer 2016 at Hhovrihio studio.

Shared the stage with:

-Stampin' Ground(UK)
-Last Hope(BG)
-No Turning Back(NL)